Hello Neighbor!

  • Nice price.
  • Friendly service.
  • Happy neighbors.

Affordable computer repair services because we are neighbors.


Fast. Friendly. PC Repair.

Getting your computer repaired can be expensive. Which is why I want to offer affordable, friendly, and dependable computer repair services. I believe in a straight forward price with no hidden fees or surprises. In fact, if I can't fix your computer, you can keep your money. Fair is fair, right?

Sorry, I do not repair Apple products.

PC Tune-up

Is your computer running slower than usual? It happens all the time. It might just need a little tune-up.

Viruses & Malware

Get popups on your computer? Let's make sure it's nothing serious. Your online privacy is important!

PC Repair

Something wrong with your computer? Don't worry I'll address your issues and get them resolved quickly.

Speedy Service

No one wants to be without their computer. I'll work on your PC and get it ready as quickly as possible.


Computer service is $50 dollars per device.
If your computer requires replacement parts, you pay for the cost of the part plus service.

If I can't repair your computer, you owe me nothing.

Computer Repair — $50 per

  • PC tune-up
  • Virus + malware removal
  • Hardware diagnostics
  • Hardware repair/replacement
  • Service with a smile.


Broken computer? Shoot me an email.